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Spencer, Herbert - Essays: scientific, political and speculative, vol. 2. Library Edition, containing Seven Essays not before republished, and various other Additions. Williams and Norgate, London, 1891 (1854). The Online Library of Liberty, Liberty Fund.

Table of Contents

The Genesis of Science [first published in the British Quarterly Review for July 1854.]

The Classification of the Sciences [first published as a Brochure in April 1864. The Preface to the Second Edition, Published In April 1869, I Reproduce Because of Certain Facts Contained In It Which Are Not Without Interest.]

Reasons For Dissenting From the Philosophy of M. Comte [originally published in April 1864 as an Appendix to the foregoing Essay.]

On Laws In General, and the Order of Their Discovery [the Following Was Contained In the First Edition of First Principles.I Omitted It From The Reorganized Second Edition, Because It Did Not Form An Essential Part Of The New Structure. As It Is Referred To In The Foregoing Pages, And As Its General Argument Is Germane To The Contents Of Those Pages, I Have Thought Well To Insert It Here. Moreover, Though I Hope Eventually To Incorporate It In That Division Of The Principles Of Sociology Which Treats Of Intellectual Progress, Yet As It Must Be Long Before It Can Thus Re-appear In Its Permanent Place, And As, Should I Not Get So Far In The Execution Of My Undertaking, It May Never Thus Re-appear At All, It Seems Proper To Make It More Accessible Than It Is At Present. The First And Last Sections, Which Served To Link It Into The Argument Of The Work To Which It Originally Belonged, Are Omitted. The Rest Has Been Carefully Revised, And In Some Parts Considerably Altered.]

The Valuation of Evidence [first published in the Leader For June 25, 1853.]

What Is Electricity? [first published in the Reader for November 19, 1864.]

Mill Versus Hamilton—the Test of Truth [first published in the Fortnightly Review for July 1865.]

Replies to Criticisms [first published in the Fortnightly Review for November and December 1873.]

Prof. Green's Explanations [from the Contemporary Review for Feb. 1881. It Would Not Have Occurred To Me To Reproduce This Essay, Had It Not Been That There Has Lately Been A Reproduction Of The Essay To Which It Replies. But As Mr. Nettleship, In His Editorial Capacity, Has Given A Permanent Shape To Professor Green's Unscrupulous Criticism, I Am Obliged To Give A Permanent Shape To The Pages Which Show Its Unscrupulousness.]

The Philosophy of Style [first published in the Westminster Review for October 1852.]

Use and Beauty [first published in the Leader For January 3, 1852.]

The Sources of Architectural Types [first published in the Leader for October 23, 1852.]

Gracefulness [first published in the Leader for December 25, 1852.]

Personal Beauty [first published in the Leader for April 15, and May 13, 1854.]

The Origin and Function of Music [first published in Fraser's Magazine for October 1857.]

The Physiology of Laughter [first published in Macmillan's Magazine for March 1860.]